Need help finding a solar water heating company?

solar water heater jacksonville helped me with mine. They’re a local mom and pop shop out of Jacksonville Florida here and did an absolutely terrific job helping me out with my solar water heater. Was tempted to go with one of the big-name guys, but decided against it after realizing that I’d much rather support and give my money to some local folk. I couldn’t be more happy with my decision. I’m saving a ridiculous amount of cash and it’s only three months in, heck, the system has already paid for itself!

Apologies for the rant, but nothing quite gets me going like saving cash through renewable energy. If you or someone you know is interested in solar water heating systems in Jacksonville, FL, I wouldn’t hesitate to have them give these guys a call – I linked to their site above, go check it out, looks great.

Why your cable provider has you by the you-know-whats

Gonna go ahead and switch the flow up on this blog here real quick..

Why your cable company has you by the you-know-whats

Why your cable provider has you by the you-know-whats

The cable/broadband industry doesn’t give a f@#k about what you think. They don’t give a f@#k about what I think. They don’t give a f@#k about what the president thinks. They stick their pompous middle fingers up to all of us when we even so much as hint at detracting from this oligopoly empire. Continue Reading

NBA draft is rigged

Well, well, well.

Let’s get the elephant out of the room. We all know the NBA draft is rigged, whether or not we want to admit it is a different story.

It started with the 1985 draft. Michael Jordan’s draft.

The infamous frozen envelope.

Let’s go back, shall we?

To fully comprehend how prized Ewing was in ’85, you have to forget about the NBA and its current status, and travel backwards in time to when big men were coveted like national treasures. Of course, there was the stretch-four or point-forward,

guys like Bird and Magic… But generally, where you played was determined by how tall you were, and size was prized above all else.

This was the same league where Russell won two hand fulls of rings and Wilt put up 50 and 25 a game. The game plan and winning recipe was: get your big man, and surround him with ball-handlers and people who will feed him the ball.

The seven non-playoff squads that year each had an equal chance at Ewing. 14.3%.

The teams ranged from the truly terrible (league-worst Warriors, who had been out of the postseason since 1977) to the intermittently-indecisive Atlanta Hawk who had just narrowly missed the playoffs in ’84, some say intentionally.

And then there were the New York Knicks.

Coming off of their worst seasons in over twenty years. Best player, and starting forward Bernard King had missed 25 games, center Bill Cartwright had been out the whole year. Most nights, MSG had been less than half full.

If there were a perfect spot for Ewing to land, it was New York, the league’s biggest market.

Now, the NBA’s 4 year, $91.9 million television deal with CBS was set to expire after the season ended. Ewing landing in Sacramento didn’t move the needle as far as CBS was concerned.

But Ewing in the New York…? Come on. We all knew the league would be in much better shape if Ewing ended up sporting orange, blue, and white.

As Sports Illustrated puts it:

“Others took it a step further. Stan Kasten, then the GM of the Hawks, recalls attending a college tournament in Hawaii a few months before the lottery. “I was sitting with a couple of NBA guys,” says Kasten, “and I remember one high-ranking- team executive, who I will not name, was a million percent convinced of what was going to happen. ‘He’s going to the Knicks,’ he kept saying. ‘He’s going to the Knicks. It’s all arranged.’ ” Kasten pauses, chuckles. “I didn’t believe him at the time.””

As David Stern took the podium to commence the 1985 NBA lottery, there were seven envelopes in the drum being rotated by some Ernst and Young rep, Jack Wagner. We see him putting the envelopes in, carefully with the first four, and then the fifth, which is lined up and aggressively thrown against the inside of the drum, crumpling the corner of the envelope. As the drum continues rotating, we see the other two envelopes deposited in safely.

David Stern then reaches into the drum, fumbles around a little bit, and then grabs and envelope and extracts it. What do you know? It has a bent corner. Stern opes the envelope and reads the picks in reverse order (each envelope contained the order of the top-7, each team had it’s own envelope where it received the #1 pick… in theory…)

The seventh pick went to the Golden State Warriors, the team with the worst record the year before would now be picking 7th.

Sacramento received the sixth.

Atlanta the fifth.

Seattle the fourth.

Clippers third.

And now, we were down to two. The Indiana Pacers and the New York Knicks. David Stern announced that the Pacers would receive the second pick, and subsequently, the Knicks would pick first.

What followed in New York was nothing short of pandemonium. The Knicks received over 1,000 calls to their season ticket office within the first hour after the announcement.

Fast-forward to last night. Philly receives the first overall selection, with Los Angeles receiving the 2nd.

“But if it were truly rigged, the Lakers would’ve picked first!”

Wrong. The NBA wouldn’t want to be quite that obvious. Plus, this year’s coveted player, Ben Simmons, has already stated that he’ll only play for LA or New York. Meaning, the NBA is fine giving the 76ers the first selection, because they know that the Lakers will get the best available player regardless.

Well done, NBA, well done.

Mixing Cetaphil with Melatonin

Take care of your body, people. Please. It provides the largest ROI of any investment you can make.

Cetaphil is a chemical compound skin cleanser. Now, I know people are gonna freak at the idea of chemicals on their skin… Chillax. Your entire body operates off of chemicals. Cetaphil is as gentle and natural as it gets. It’s a pre-lotioning applicant that scrubs the skin and removes it of dead skin. With the dead skin removed, your body skin is now much more receptive to the oil or lotion you’re about to apply. This keeps your skin functioning properly, and consequently, your mind and spirit.

The reason for me writing about this…

I’ve been getting a lot of flack for using Cetaphil, along with using melatonin.

Melatonin is a naturally-occurring chemical in the brain that causes the body to become drowsy. I’ve been regularly taking melatonin for the past year now – and it’s phenomenal. When the body is on melatonin, it’s like nothing else. Nothing allows you to maximize your time quite like ingesting melatonin.

“But why do we need to take it if it naturally occurs in the brain?”

Valid point. Sit down and let me tell you a story.

In today’s hyper-tech civilization, we’ve become super glued to our mobile devices, and ultimately, blue light. Blue light inhibits the mind’s melatonin production. This is precisely why people toss and turn into the wee hours of the night after scrolling through “10 best celeb mugshots” for the hours preceding their attempted slumber. Yes, literally, blue light, the same light projected by your television, computer screen, and your cell phone is exactly what’s causing you to have trouble falling asleep.

So, here’s how melatonin maximizes your time:

You can spend less time sleeping.

Yes, that’s right.

Less. Time. Sleeping.

“How?” You ask. Here’s the skinny: Melatonin allows your body to enter REM sleep much quicker than if you were to try and fall asleep with the current state of your melatonin-deprived brain (and trust me, it is deprived, everyone that owns a screen has a melatonin deficiency).

I’m a sleepy guy, right? (Right). I typically get 9-10 hours of sleep. Since taking melatonin, I’ve woken up (naturally, without an alarm clock) after getting 5-6 hours of sleep, and I’ve felt absolutely phenomenal. I’m not kidding.

Moral of the story: Go get you some cetaphil and melatonin. You’ll thank me later.

January 20th

Trying to get content out to you guys semi-frequently.

Went to the Wolves-Suns game about three days ago or so when I last posted, Wolves throttled them by 30 points. Took a limo to the game with the homies, shout out to my limo service Minneapolis.

Is Andrew Wiggins elite or nah? My argument is that he’s the most inefficient player in the history of the league, and that no one will ever win a championship with him on their team. Others would argue that he’s some demigod LeBron offspring who deserves to be handed all of the superstar calls that he’s already receiving.

What does he do well? He doesn’t pass, he doesn’t rebound, he doesn’t even freaking shoot effectively… WHAT DOES THE GUY DO??? We’re talking about a assist/turnover ratio of 1.6/2.3… Are those superstar numbers? Hardly. He’s a good article by a homer Wolves site, Canis Hoopus, on him.

January 17th

Wowza. Today was insane. First of all, we almost saw the second biggest comeback in NFL postseason history.

The Panthers (of the Carolina variety) were up by 31 against the Seahawks and Russell Wilson. Until all of the sudden they were down one possession and threatening to tie the game back up. Luckily (for my playoff picks), the Panthers ended up locking up the game and advancing to the NFC championship game against the Cardinals (I have the Cards winning that game, and then losing to the Pats in the Super Bowl.)

What we thought was a great game, was one-upped in the later-afternoon game between the Steelers and Broncos. In the one game that I got wrong out of the four; the Steelers watched a sure-fire victory slip out of their hands after a late Fitzgerald Toussaint fumble that was recovered and then converted to a touchdown by the Broncos.

For the game highlights and more (better written) content, check here:

  • hoyer

Welcome to RedTen!

Let’s get to it, shall we?

At the time of writing this, the Steelers and Bengals are knotted up at goose eggs with 5:56 left in the second quarter. Yes, we’re talking AFC playoffs (Wildcard round to be more specific). But that’s not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about, is the worst day of Brian Hoyer’s life.

The 30 year-old from Lakewood, Ohio lost today’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs, pretty much single-handedly. From the game’s first play, a 106 yard kick-off return by Knile Davis of the Chiefs, we knew the Texans and their bald (maybe shaven..(?)) Quarterback were in for a–well, let’s just say a “fun” afternoon. The “fun” that ensued however, was much to the chagrin of everyone bearing the last name “Hoyer” (or first name “Brian” for that matter).

It wasn’t the five turnovers committed by the balding assailant, it wasn’t the 60 passing yards in the first half. Neigh. It was the boos, raining furiously down upon the field as Hoyer and the Texans ran to the locker room (somehow) only down 13-0. From there, it seemed a Brandon “Weedman” Weeden appearance was imminent.

“Yeah, about that…” -HC Bill O’Brien

As a fan and football appreciatist, it was astounding to see Hoyer sauntering back onto the field at the beginning of the second half. A man–whose three first-half interceptions were quite visible in the bags under his eyes–that just should not have been out on the field.

The question begs asking: “Why would the Texans put themselves in this situation?”

Excellent question.

A team that held the number one overall pick of 2014, the Texans should’ve never been able to have been this hung-out-to-dry and shallow at the quarterback position. Clowney was a mistake. He should not have been taken first overall by Houston. Not after countless questions about his work ethic and motor, things that have rendered him virtually useless at the NFL level. A year where Teddy Bridgewater was taken with the final pick of the first round, and where Derek Carr was taken in the middle of the second… Coming away with nothing more to show than an entitled, unmotivated defensive end is simply unacceptable.

Not all is dead in Houston. They still have the best defender in the world, J.J. Watt. They still have (debatably) the best receiver in the league, Deandre Hopkins. And they have a plethora of other young, talented players that make up the nucleus of the AFC South team.